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Eric Stock

Responsible for all digital marketing campaigns. This can include display ads, video ads, connected TV/OTT, online radio, social media ads, and more.

Eric Stock

Responsible for the day to day management of your campaigns. Also analyzes the big picture of your advertising and how we can maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Erick Stock

Responsible for SEO management, as well as the reporting and tracking of the success of your advertising. This includes Google Analytics and advanced tracking.

Eric brings a creative and distinctly individual approach to the problem-solving process.

Throughout his four years in digital marketing, he has gained experience in multiple marketing programs including SEM, geo-fencing, targeted banner ads, email marketing, OTT, and more. Eric is passionate about having a deep understanding of the products he recommends. His attention to detail mixed with his fun and easy-going personality makes his approach to marketing unique and effective. Therefore, he is the perfect person to fulfill the role of Digital Marketing Specialist.

Since earning his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati, Eric has been working in the industry helping businesses grow through digital marketing. He enjoys exploring multiple paths and options to help his clients gain the greatest possible outcome in their marketing efforts.

When Eric is not working to bring his clients success in their businesses, he can be found cheering on the Bearcats basketball team and fulfilling his role as Head Swim Coach at Mercy McAuley High School. Having coached swimming for 9 years, he is passionate about the sport and helping his team reach their highest potential. He enjoys having new experiences and exploring his enthusiasm for life.

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