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a professional headshot of Lindsey

Leveraging over 6 years of expertise, Lindsey conquers algorithms and transforms businesses into viral sensations.

Lindsey looking at a laptop

Crafting content is her art. Matching viral visuals to compelling captions, every piece of content is a brushstroke in her masterpiece.

Lindsey looking at her iPhone

Navigating trends, hashtags, and viral challenges, she ensures your brand isn’t just part of the conversation; it leads it.

Lindsey has cracked the algorithm and mastered the art of virality.

As the social media maestro at Holland Adhaus, she’s not just surfing the trends – she’s making them. In her six years in the social media realm, Lindsey has transformed ordinary posts into viral sensations, showcasing her expertise in both organic and paid social strategies that are always one step ahead.

Hailing from the charming city of Dayton, Ohio, Lindsey embodies that special Midwest warmth – friendly, welcoming, and down-to-earth. This attitude is a direct result of her strong connections with her parents and her college years at Bowling Green State University, where she majored in Visual Communication Technology, proudly earning her Bachelor of Science, Technology degree.

With 5.5 years of agency social media experience under her belt, Lindsey’s journey also includes a meaningful stint in the non-profit sector, particularly at an animal shelter.Outside of work, Lindsey enjoys quality time with her cat, Pixel, Lindsey’s furry companion and partner in crime; and indulging in board games and video games (think Fortnite, Overwatch, Pokemon). An avid curator of incredible playlists, Lindsey is dedicated to discovering new music, all while professing her profound love for naps and an unapologetic obsession with La Croix. She’s not just riding the wave of trends; she’s creating her own.