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We are a “new” company that started over 80 years ago.

That makes sense, right?

Our story begins in 1937 when William F. Holland founded the company. He built the foundation that has lasted over 80 years through three generations of the Holland family and beyond.



Since 1937, Holland has made strides in both the Cincinnati and national markets. Some of our highlights include:

  • 1941: The William F. Holland Company was the only ad agency in Cincinnati that had their own recording studio.
  • 1949: Holland produces Pollack’s Amateur Hour, one of the first local programs to air on WKRC-TV.
  • 2002: Holland Communications is named the Oldest Family Run Ad Agency in Cincinnati by Mayor Tom Luken.
  • 2015: Holland Advertising : Interactive is named the Oldest Family Run Ad Agency in the US.
  • 2017: Paul Frodge, our current President & CEO, purchases Holland Advertising.
  • 2018: Holland acquires Search Engine Experts, a former partner of the company.
  • 2020: Holland Advertising rebrands as Holland Adhaus to reflect the new, modern direction of the company.

Why do we say we’re a “new” company that began over 80 years ago?

Everyone on our team was recruited by our current President & CEO Paul Frodge when he purchased Holland Advertising in late 2017. He curated a group of experts with a diverse set of capabilities to best serve our clients.

We are a paradox of old and new. An 85+ year old company with dedicated, zealous employees. An acumen of traditional advertising tactics that have stood the test of time with an understanding of current and future trends. A love of growing with the industry while utilizing what has been proven to work.

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