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Renee Kessler
Renee Kessler
Renee Kessler
Renee tackles accounting like a puzzle that needs to be solved.

From the moment Renee first sat in her first accounting class during her high school days, her future career path became crystal clear. Driven by the intricate puzzle of balancing figures and financial precision, Renee has embraced her role as an Accounting Specialist with unwavering dedication. Her mission involves not just crunching numbers, but ensuring that every detail aligns harmoniously in the financial landscape.

Renee’s educational journey led her to Thomas More College, where she pursued a major in both Accounting and Computer Science. This dual expertise has made her a virtuoso in tools like Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel, allowing her to navigate the intricate financial terrain effortlessly. Her command over Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) ensures that the company adheres to the highest standards of compliance and accuracy.

As the custodian of financial stability, Renee meticulously processes incoming payments, compiles monthly financial statements, and maintains immaculate financial records. From the tiniest transaction to overarching financial strategies, Renee’s proficiency is the backbone of the company’s smooth operations.

Outside the realm of numbers, Renee’s heart belongs to her cherished grandchildren and four-legged companions, who grace her life with joyful chaos every week. Amid outdoor adventures, storytelling, and playtime, she finds joy in creating lasting memories. Embracing her thrifty side, Renee and her grandkids embark on treasure hunts at local rummage and yard sales, unearthing hidden gems together.

For those rare moments of solitude, Renee finds solace in exploring religious subjects through reading. Her pursuit of knowledge extends beyond her professional domain, reflecting her insatiable curiosity and passion for growth.

Renee’s journey is a testament to how a fascination nurtured in youth can blossom into a fulfilling career. With an unquenchable thirst for accuracy, a heart full of love for family, and a penchant for lifelong learning, Renee is a pillar of both the financial realm and the vibrant tapestry of her personal life.