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Traditional Marketing

At Holland Adhaus, our understanding of the ever-changing media landscape has positioned us as a local leader for media marketing. We understand how to incorporate traditional marketing into the mix to keep you top of mind in the marketplace.

Media Planning and Buying

Through an in-depth review of your market, along with accessing relevant market research, we get to know your audience. Armed with this knowledge, we develop a plan that reaches your target consumer.

Each plan is unique and will typically include a variety of multi-media outreach options. For example, we can combine the traditional media tactics of radio, television, and print with digital/social components for brand awareness. In addition, we would funnel specific messaging to a more granularly determined audience segment through digital.

We understand that we aren’t just reaching a rating point or an impression, but a person. Through thoughtful creative and targeted media, your message is sent out into the world to work its magic.

Illustration of TV and remote with "Your Ad" on screen, representing traditional marketing


Gone are the days of having to plan to watch your favorite show or the evening news at a specific time. Consuming media, specifically TV programming available on-demand, has taken on a different meaning in today’s world. Even in the age of digital, TV retains its spot as one of the most effective mediums for reaching people.

Television is a powerful advertising medium that combines the strength of the visual with the messaging capability of audio. TV can evoke a feeling, make you laugh, and capture your attention all within the span of 15 or 30 seconds. With its powerful reach, television can drive awareness and get consumers to seek out more information on your company and products.



Radio is still a relevant media. With its local reach, ability to target consumers through specific genres, and availability to everyone, it is essential. It can stand on its own or works as an excellent complement with other media.

From music to sports to news, radio is a source of entertainment and information that reaches across all ages. Whether consumers are in their cars, at home, or in the office, radio is readily available. It offers an abundance of programming that is envied by other forms of media.



With its 24/7, always-on presence and geographic targeting capability, outdoor remains strong. Traditional outdoor media reaches people on the move where they live, work, go to school, and shop. It is the perfect medium to build the frequency of messages and create awareness.



Print media is appointment media. When people sit down with a magazine or other print media, they have set aside that time to read the articles. Even younger generations, who are immersed in technology, enjoy flipping through a publication and unplugging for a while.

Consumers tend to keep print publications around to re-read an article, use as a future reference, or share the information. In a world saturated with screens, print offers a nice option for advertisers to get their message out.



Experiential marketing is a way to connect with consumers so they can experience a brand. Everything from product sampling to events can provide a way for brands to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. This will generate an interest in a product or service.

Traditional Marketing at Holland Adhaus

If you want to level up your marketing strategy, come to Holland Adhaus! From traditional advertising to the latest, cutting-edge tactics, we know how to market to your target audience. Contact us today for more information on any of our services!

Level Up Your
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