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Video Advertising

Video advertising allows you to connect to users in a similar way to television but the real benefit of this form of advertising is that it is always prime. Users are choosing to watch that video and must watch the ad in order to consume their content. While you aren’t hitting the masses that you would with television, you are getting a more engaged audience and more importantly you are able to target to the exact user you want.

Video advertising is similar to display except that you can utilize longer form messages and ensure your content is viewed. Utilizing a :15 or :30 spot, video advertising comes in several different forms.

Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-Roll are video ads that are served before the video content the user is trying to view.

Mid-Roll Ads

Mid-Roll are video ads that are served inside the video content the user is trying to view.

Post-Roll Ads

Post-Roll are video ads that are served at the end of the video content the user is trying to view.

Outstream Ads

Outstream are video ads that appear within the text of an article and play automatically.

What Are the Benefits of Video Advertising?

Many companies will tout their high CTRs and the amount of inventory they have access to. At Holland Adhaus we approach video advertising a little differently.


Since we use real time bidding we are constantly working to get you the lowest CPM. That is why we estimate the # of impressions since you will more than likely receive more than what was quoted. With lower markups than the larger companies, we will get you more bang for your buck.


We utilize 30+ data providers to make sure we are hitting the audience you want. We will not force targets for the sake of meeting impression goals and we will optimize to ensure the parameters are the best they can be. We also have the ability to create custom targeting segments. Learn more about all the different ways we can target our digital ads.


We will track clicks but when it comes to video advertising it is more important to us that your ad is seen. Holland Adhaus optimizes all video campaigns to serve on unskippable platforms and sites that provide better completion rates. Showing on great websites is important but having your message seen is the most important piece.


Clicks are great, but what happens once the user arrives on the website? Holland Adhaus doesn’t just work to serve your ads but we work to get you customers. All of our display ads utilize UTM codes and macros to help show us the exact website the clicks are coming from and then we analyze how they are interacting on the website. If a bunch of clicks are coming from one website but not converting, we will blacklist the website. We use your Google Analytics to take your display advertising to the next level.

Online video advertising, when used with the right creative, can be an extremely effective method for reaching your target audience.

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