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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising delivers ads and marketing content through such mediums as search engines, websites, mobile apps, emails, social media, connected TV, YouTube, and digital audio.

The past 10 years has seen an eruption of digital advertising with everyone from small, local businesses to national brands. Consumers are spending more and more time in the digital world, so digital advertising helps take your business directly to where your audiences are.

Digital marketing can be very focused on specific audience pools, demographics, search habits, and targeted locations. Most digital platforms offer over 25,000 audience segments to target. Digital marketing is also highly trackable, utilizing real time reporting and conversion tracking.

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Our Digital Advertising Capabilities

Holland Adhaus treats digital as part of your marketing strategy rather than a one-off product. We will never recommend spending money without an overall goal or plan. We handle everything in house. That means no middleman is touching your digital ads and updates can be made quickly and effectively.

We are also (literally!) a desk away from our creative and web development teams, meaning if something needs a fast turnaround we are able to work quickly. Optimizations are done in house by the same people that know your business the best. Your success is our success.

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Digital Advertising