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Digital Advertising

The past 10 years has seen an eruption of digital advertising with everyone from small, local businesses to national brands. With so many competitors in the game, it can be difficult to choose a digital advertising provider.

There is a lot of confusion with digital advertising and how you should approach it. The concept is easy: you buy the ad space on websites or videos and place your message there. In that regard it is just like traditional media. The confusion comes from how the ad is bought because not all ad space is created equally. Just like television, you want to be in prime and be in the optimal space to be noticed. The optimal space can depend on the website, the target, or the medium in which you place your ad.

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Why Holland Adhaus?

Holland Adhaus treats digital as part of a strategy rather than a one-off product. We will never recommend spending money without an overall goal or plan. Your success is our success.

We offer a variety of digital advertising options as well as our targeting solutions. Click below to learn more!

How does it work?

Websites have the option to sell the advertising space on their website to whomever they would like. But what happens when they are unable to sell out all their inventory? The ad space is then put on the market by the owner of the website (supply-side platform, or SSP) and then bid on to see who wins the ad space (demand-side platform, or DSP). This is done each time the website is loaded and utilizes real time bidding to decide which ad to display.  Holland Adhaus has access to a DSP internally and therefore is able to handle this real time bidding on their own making costs low.

But is all ad space the same?

Put simply, yes. We have access to the same websites as our competitors and they have the same access we do. If we wanted to purchase the top ad slot on a particular website, we would be bidding against the competition.

So, if the inventory is the same, then what makes one digital advertising provider better than the other?


Digital will not get you the same reach as traditional media. The real benefit is the targeting capabilities. Navigating through the data sources and figuring out the best strategy is what sets us apart. Throwing money at digital without a strategy is, frankly, a waste of both time and money. We will make recommendations and we won’t stretch your money simply to meet impressions.

In House

We handle everything in house. That means no middleman is touching your digital ads and updates can be made quickly and effectively. We are also quite literally a desk away from our creative and web team, meaning if something needs a quick turnaround we are able to work quickly. Optimizations are done in house by the same people that know your business the best.


Several larger companies have much higher CPMs due to the markups they have in place. They have a set CPM. We do not. If we can get you more impressions for your money, we will.


We monitor and track everything we do. If an ad has low visibility or low completion rate we will remove the ad from that site and put our focus where your ad is being seen. We constantly make updates and edits to ensure you are getting the best value on quality websites.

Level Up Your
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