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PPC Management

The past 10 years has seen an eruption of digital advertising with everyone from small, local businesses to national brands. With so many competitors in the game, it can be difficult to choose expert PPC management.

People use the Google search engine for a multitude of reasons.  They may be actively searching for a product or service, or researching businesses to make an informed decision in the future.

Using targeted keywords in your search campaign, Google will serve ads to consumers by matching their searched keywords to what your company has to offer. It is your chance to rank in the top spots and sell yourself to the consumer when they are in need. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

Google Search Campaign Example

Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Whether you are B2B or B2C, ranking in the top spot on Google is important to the success of your business. With many searches now coming from a smart phone, it is important to be seen at the top of search results. Google can now feature up to four paid ads at the top. This makes it easy for consumers to find what they are searching for without scrolling down to organic results.


PPC advertising can get you at the top of Google as soon as your campaign has been set up and enabled. No waiting, see results right away!

Highly Trackable

Tired of not knowing how customers are finding you? There is no guess work with PPC advertising. We are able to utilize call tracking, conversion codes, and Google Analytics to provide you plenty of insights into how your ads are working.


Unlike other advertising mediums, with Google PPC, you only pay for clicks. That means you aren’t wasting budget hoping you hit the right person. You are only charged when a user engages with your ad.

Our PPC Management Process

We start all our campaigns with the most important piece, the keywords.  A campaign is only as successful as its strategy.  In order to receive the conversions you are looking for it is important that we bid on the correct terms.

We want everything we do to be transparent and on brand for you. We write and create all the ad copy and ad extensions, and then get your approval. Once we have all the budgets in place and all creative is approved we send the campaign live.

We monitor all our campaigns and make adjustments to get us the highest click thru rate at the lowest price possible. We are constantly on the back-end looking for ways to optimize the performance.

Your management fee includes monthly reporting. This isn’t your basic high level overview. We provide all the stats you need to make an informed decision on your advertising efforts. Since we charge a management fee instead of a markup, we have nothing to hide. We provide all the stats you need to make an informed decision on your advertising efforts and ROI.

Level Up Your
PPC Management