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Online Radio

Online radio offers the same product as traditional radio except that the emphasis is on quality over quantity. With the popularity of smartphones, most users will subscribe or listen to some form online radio.  Some of the more popular streaming services include Spotify and iHeart Radio. These platforms give users the ability to listen to the music/program whenever they want.

When you advertise on Online Radio you take away the calculation and you rely on the same real-time bidding model as digital advertising. Impressions are purchased on a CPM basis and are served as non-skippable ads based on the targeting you select.

Online Radio

If this is broadcasted across the air, then why is it considered a digital product? 


Online Radio advertising is purchased just like display and video, through a DSP. Since it is real-time bidding you are buying per impression rather than buying a time slot/program. So you are charged on a CPM basis. Since we use real-time bidding we are constantly working to get you the lowest CPM. That is why we estimate the # of impressions since you will more than likely receive more than what was quoted. With lower markups than the larger companies, we will get you more bang for your buck.


Since it is a digital product we can show you exactly how many impressions are served and when. On top of that we can show the completion rates of the ads.


Just like display and video advertising we are able to target based on the user. Rather than creating a schedule and hoping it meets your demo, we can now serve impressions based on exactly who the user is. We can overlay data from over 30+ data providers to ensure we are hitting your exact audience. Can also designate which channel/program you want to broadcast on.


Commercial breaks don’t work like traditional radio. They are served by impression and they are not set schedules. Ads are served when the content is chosen to be listened to, meaning every commercial is prime. These breaks are much shorter than traditional breaks and the user cannot simply change the station and come back.

Like any new technology there is a lot of misinformation around the product and a lot of companies will claim they have the best inventory. But just like display and video advertising, management and optimization is what matters. Holland Adhaus places buys internally meaning we are the ones monitoring and optimizing, not some other office.

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