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Digital Display Advertising

When you think of digital advertising, digital display ads are probably what you think of. Display ads are the static or animated ads that appear next to content on websites. These ads are generally the cheapest since there is more ad space and inventory on the web.

Many companies will tout their high CTRs and the amount of inventory they have access to. At Holland Adhaus we approach display advertising a little differently.

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Since we use real time bidding, we are constantly working to get you the lowest CPM. Since the digital space is constantly changing, we don’t guarantee a specific number of impressions. Rather, we give you a rough estimate that we often surpass. With lower markups than the larger companies, we will get you more bang for your buck.

Audience Targeting

We utilize 30+ data providers to make sure we are hitting the audience you want.  We will not force targets for the sake of meeting impression goals, and we will optimize to ensure the parameters are the best they can be. We also have the ability to create custom targeting segments. Learn more about all the different ways we can target our digital ads.


While we track and show our CTRs, Holland Adhaus approaches display advertising a little differently. Clicks on banner ads traditionally don’t produce high conversion rates and often times result in accidental clicks on mobile, giving you incorrect numbers. It would be easy to show your ad on poorly designed websites that produce clicks, but we are focused on quality rather than quantity. What good is a high number of clicks if half of them are accidental?

We look at display advertising as an extension of traditional media and focus more on making sure your ad is seen by the right people at the right time. Many companies will say they will serve X amount of impressions when in reality only a percentage are actually made visible. At Holland we optimize to display above the fold and a high visibility percentage. Making sure your ad gets seen by the right people is our first priority.


Clicks are great, but what happens once the user arrives on your website? Holland Adhaus doesn’t just work to serve your ads, we work to get you customers. All of our display ads utilize UTM codes and Macros to help show us the exact website the clicks are coming from. Then, we analyze how they are interacting on your website. For example, if a high number of clicks are coming from one website but not converting, we will blacklist the website since it’s not helping your business grow. We use your Google Analytics to take your display advertising to the next level.

At the end of the day, all display ads are the same. The difference comes with finding the right people to manage your display ads. At Holland Adhaus, we provide the attention to detail and care your display campaign deserves to drive the highest number of meaningful clicks and conversions as possible. To learn more about how we can take your display advertising to the next level, contact us today!

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Digital Display Advertising