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Google Video Campaign

A Google video campaign will run on YouTube & Google Partner sites, including websites, games, and apps. Whether you are looking to drive users to your website or simply trying to get your message to an engaged audience, video advertising is a great option to ensure your creative is being consumed. This highly measurable tactic allows you to be more targeted than traditional TV while also giving a more engaging medium than standard display banners. And now that Google owns YouTube, there isn’t a better arena to run your video campaigns  – YouTube is second only to Google for the largest search engine.

Whether you have watched videos on YouTube directly or through websites that have their own platform, you have probably been served a PreRoll, MidRoll, or PostRoll advertisement. These :15 (non skippable) or :30 ads are a great way to ensure a user has seen your message since it is required for the user to view their content. These single advertisements are a great way to ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the thousands of ads users will see each day.

Why A Google Video Campaign?

Reach is highly correlated with driving brand awareness, sales, and household penetration.

With the continuous media fragmentation, 30+% YY growth in viewership in digital video consumption, video platforms become a great source of an effective reach.

Without reaching new consumers and re-reaching existing consumers, brands can’t build awareness. With waning attention spans and a proliferation of options, consumers are not inherently loyal. Brands must constantly reach consumers to always be top of mind when they are ready to buy. With increased demands for growth and smaller budgets, each impression has to count. Brands need to reach right people at the right time with the right message to be effective.

Highly Targeted

Video advertising through Google utilizes several different sources of data providers which allows you to target your video ads based on in-market audiences, affinity audiences, life events targeting, contextual targeting or retargeting.


Another benefit of video advertising is that everything is tracked and reported on. We can show which websites you received engagements from, see view thru rate and how much of the video users actually completed. Results are tracked in near real time which makes adjusting campaigns easy.


Unlike other forms of traditional media, video advertising on the web is highly affordable. There is no minimums and you only pay for impressions served rather than estimates. Campaigns are charged on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions). Maximize your budget by targeting and only serving ads to your target audience.

Types of Video Ads for a Google Video Campaign

In-Stream Ads

Before, during, or after other videos across YouTube, display networks, games, or apps. After 5 seconds, viewers can skip the ad. You are charged when viewers watch 30 seconds or interacts with the video. Make sure the first 5 seconds count!

Pre-Roll Ads

These videos can’t be skipped, but they can only be 10-20 seconds long, depending on whether they appear in the beginning or middle of the viewer’s video.

Discovery Ads

These are a form of search ads that appear at the top of search results or in a list of related videos. When clicked, the video will play on its YouTube channel. Charged when viewer clicks thumbnail

Bumper Ads

These ads support brand awareness, are 6 seconds or less, and viewers can’t skip these ads.  They play before, during, or after another video. Because they’re so short, they make great teasers for other media and bigger campaigns.

Audience Types (How We Can Target)

Affinity: groups of people based on their lifestyle, buying habits, and long-term interests.

Intent: people actively researching products or services.

Life Events: life milestones like moving, graduating from college, getting married, recently retired.

Remarketing: people who previously interacted with your business (website visits or customer lists).

Detailed demographics: groups of people that share common traits, such as college students, homeowners, or new parents.

video ads

Our Process

We will learn about your business and your goals from the campaign to make sure Video ads are a good fit for you. Once the details are figured out we will build out a plan with estimated impressions and thoughts on the targeting parameters.

Once your plan is agreed upon we can proceed with the setup phase. Creative and landing page will be discussed for optimal performance. Our design team is available for hire to aid this process or we can utilize existing creative you have on file. Once the creative is approved we will implement the plan and proceed with the launch of the campaign.

We are watching and adjusting campaigns from launch to make sure we are getting the most value for your budget. We will look at the backend metrics like click-thru-rate and view-thru-rate but more importantly we will look at the audiences we are hitting and the placements for these videos. If we do not like a placement we will remove it or if we see a strong placement we will optimize to display there.

Part of our service includes monthly reporting. This isn’t your basic high level overview. We provide all the stats you need to make an informed decision on you advertising efforts. If you want to see a specific stat, we will provide it to you.

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