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Native Ads

Similar to display ads, native digital advertising is often referred to as disguised ads. That’s because native advertising is designed to blend in with the theme of the website it is displayed on. Rather than just an image, these ads utilize a headline and description as well to look like an article on the website that they can click to read more. Once they click, they are directed to your website.

Native advertising can be used for any messaging, but it performs best when the message/landing page of the ad is informative rather than just “buy buy buy.” Let the user trust your brand. For example, “10 House Trends in 2020” would perform better than “Buy These Items for Your Home.” People don’t always want to be sold a product but may be interested in products or services after learning more about why they need them.

Benefits of buying Native Advertising with Holland Adhaus:


Since we use real time bidding, we are constantly working to get you the lowest CPM.  That is why we estimate the number of impressions rather than guarantee an inflated number. With lower markups than the larger companies, we will get you more bang for your buck.


We utilize 30+ data providers to make sure we are showing your native ads to the right audience. We will not force targets for the sake of meeting impression goals and we will optimize to ensure the parameters are the best they can be. We also have the ability to create custom targeting segments. Learn more about all the different ways we can target our digital ads.


Clicks are great, but what happens once the user arrives on the website? Holland Adhaus doesn’t just work to serve your ads; we work to get you customers. All of our display ads utilize UTM codes and Macros to help show us the exact website the clicks are coming from and then we analyze how they are interacting on the website. If a large number of clicks are coming from one website but not converting, we will blacklist the website. We use your Google Analytics to take your display advertising to the next level.

Investing in native advertising is investing in the future of your business. To learn more about native advertising, or any of our other services, contact us today.

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