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Custom Cincinnati Web Design

Effective web design can be the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Your website isn’t what it used to be; it’s a hub of information for your customers to learn who you are, what you do, and why they should spend their hard-earned money on your services.

In today’s technology-driven word, having a website is a must. Whether you need an eCommerce site with thousands of products or a simple site with a few pages to explain your services, we can deliver something with the customer in mind.

Web Design from Holland Adhaus

We don’t make web design more complicated than it needs to be. Websites built by our Cincinnati web design team are rewarding because they are fast, easy to manage, and give you a way to effectively market yourself.

Our Cincinnati web design company was named one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies by Clutch.

Our Web Design Process

When it comes to web design, our process is straightforward and focused on the client’s needs. Our process has three phases that target various parts of the website design process, resulting in a site that does exactly what you need.

Cincinnati Web Design


The Discovery phase of our web design process focuses on what you want. Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs when it comes to your website’s functionality. We will also audit your competitor’s sites and strategically push your competitive advantage.

Internally, we take this time to familiarize ourselves with your brand and your industry. We will research your competition and look at your primary, secondary and tertiary markets. What are the industry giants in your field doing that is working for them? What are the most important services you want to highlight? Are there any technical specifications your website needs to have in order to function the way you want it to?

At the end of the Discovery phase, we return to you with a sitemap and a plan to get your website started. Once any changes are made, we move on to the second phase.

Web Design Cincinnati


During the Design phase, we ask ourselves the question, “how do we convert a lead into a customer?” We call this the Roadmap to Conversions. While this name may sound lofty, it’s really just the name we give to the process of ensuring leads on your website convert into paying customers.

The goal of any website design is to lead the user to the information they’re seeking as efficiently as possible while also incorporating the things you want and need on your site. The Holland web design team starts with the features you need and the information that’s most important to you. For example, if the goal is to increase the number of phone calls your business gets, we will make sure the potential customer can easily see the phone number and message it throughout the website.

We take the information you provided us and incorporate it into a design that emphasizes your brand’s voice and personality. By following your brand guidelines, we incorporate all the features you want into a beautiful, detail-oriented design.

Custom Cincinnati Web Design


The final phase, Development, is all about making sure your website is optimized for use. This is where we look at usability, speed, and the overall flow of your site. We will optimize images for your website’s database and ensure the mobile and tablet versions are optimized (after all, mobile and tablet traffic is at an all-time high).

The Development phase also includes search engine optimization efforts. Our web design team will also utilize the proper HTML semantics for the best SEO results (i.e., ensuring all headers are tagged correctly). We will also edit (or write) your copy for the best results.

Building a website combined with SEO efforts can bring organic lead and prospects into your client roster. Check out our SEO services to learn more! 


When it comes to web design, our process is straightforward and focused on the client’s needs. Our process has three phases that target various parts of the website design process, resulting in a site that does exactly what you need.

At Holland Adhaus, our web design team is capable of creating a fully-customized website for you. Some of our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • ECommerce – Whether it be a custom design, fully-fledged eCommerce, or building custom administration, we will create a place to build your custom business.
  • Videography/Photography – Photos and videos can make or break the quality of a website. Our in-house photography/videography team can create custom visual media to set you apart from the competition and define your brand.
  • Multilingual Websites – Have locations in multiple countries and need a website that targets various languages, demographics, and cultures? Not a problem!
  • Custom Themes & Plugins – If a standard WordPress template or plugin just isn’t cutting it, we can design custom themes and plugins to make your website look and run the way you want.
  • Accessible Websites for Users with Disabilities – Everyone should be able to use the web. We can build websites that are optimized for use by everyone.
Custom Web Design

Your website has 0.05 seconds to make a first impression on your visitors. Our Cincinnati web design services are focused tirelessly on guaranteeing that the first impression is the best your business can possibly make. We can guarantee your responsive website will grab users’ attention – and keep it.

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