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Copywriting Services

Copywriting is an important, yet often overlooked, element of marketing. Each page of your website, each social post, and each blog post all work together to tell the story of who you are. Copywriting services help develop your unique brand voice and adapt that voice to fit a variety of target audiences and mediums.

What Is Copywriting?

Illustration of pencil inside a lightbulb, representing copywriting services

Have you ever read a post from a brand on social media that had you chuckling? Or a product description that was so clever that you considered purchasing the product (even though you didn’t really need it)? 

These words were carefully chosen and crafted to make the reader feel something to drive an intended goal. For the social post, the goal could be as simple as getting the reader to like it. The product description is persuading the reader to purchase the product while getting across the relevant information about it. 

Writing with intended purpose

Copywriting is the act of writing text with an intended purpose. Along with marketing and advertising, copywriters can also develop press releases or employee training materials. The copy is created to increase brand awareness or convince the reader to take a certain action. It can apply to something as small as a social post or headline, or as large as a blog post, brochure, or entire website.

Why Do I Need Copywriting Services?

Have you ever had to write a short bio about yourself? Most people find it difficult to put together a concise, yet informative overview of their life and accomplishments. However, if you ask someone who knows you well, they will most likely have an easier time describing who you are and what you do. 

The same goes for business owners and managers. For many, their businesses are an extension of themselves. When you need to give a broad overview of your business, or even focus on one element, the task becomes difficult.

Why? You’re simply too close to it. Many brand owners know so much about their business that they assume other people know more about it than they actually do. 


Copywriting services give businesses the best of both worlds. They provide someone who understands your business well but can describe your services from an objective standpoint. Copywriters also have exceptional grammar and punctuation skills. (Well, good copywriters do.) Plus, they have the knowledge necessary to sell your products or services with the power of words.

Copywriting and SEO

Copywriting also goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. There is a saying in the SEO world: “content is king.” In short, this means that the content on your website is the most important factor when it comes to ranking well in search results. Copywriters are able to write content that not only persuades the customer to take a specific action but also gets your website ranking so more people can find you organically online.

Holland Adhaus: Copywriting Services in Cincinnati

At Holland Adhaus, our team of expert marketers is experienced in writing copy for collateral, social media, websites, blogs, white papers, digital ads, and more. Our focus is on content marketing: creating relevant, targeted content that drives success for your business. Whether you want some help writing a few blog posts or need to do an entire overhaul of your brand voice, Holland will exceed your expectations to deliver creative, compelling copy across your platforms.

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