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Creative Solutions from Holland Adhaus

Holland Adhaus is a creative agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We tackle all types of challenges that businesses face on a daily basis, from establishing a brand voice to designing logos that catch the eye of potential customers. If you can dream it, we can do it. 

When you come to a creative agency like ours, you’ll likely be asked to describe your business in ways you don’t expect. Who is your business? What is its voice? What do you stand for? Why do you serve your customers/clients? All of these questions are important in developing your business’ purpose and personality. 

Creative Services 

As a creative agency, we provide our clients with a wide variety of services and solutions to help grow their business. From law firms to restaurants and everything in between, we have experience in finding the right way to promote your business. 

Our small but mighty team is ready to help your business grow. Check out a few of our creative services below, then contact us for more information.

Branding is a combination of all of your marketing tactics. It includes a strong visual identity, the right tone of voice, and the way your customers feel about your business. If someone is interacting with your business for the first time, whether that be on social media, your website, or hearing a commercial on the radio, what do you want them to think? How do you want them to feel? Branding is all about finding the right personality for your business. 

Copywriting is the act of writing text with an intended purpose. That purpose could be to increase brand awareness or convince the reader to take a certain action. Whether it be something as short as an article headline or as large as an entire website, finding the right words to communicate with is essential for the success of your business. 

Digital Design

The digital world is vast and competitive. Without even realizing it, you likely see hundreds of digital ads every day. With all of the competition out there, you need a digital presence that stands out and gets the attention of your potential customers. Digital design encompasses everything from banner ads to entire websites. The designers at Holland Adhaus will help you create a striking visual presence with our digital design services. 

Logo Design

When people look at your logo, what do they think? Can you define your entire business with your logo? Do you want a minimal, modern logo that demonstrates your business as straightforward and contemporary; or do you want your business to be seen as bold and bright with multiple colors and eye-catching patterns? No matter the industry, we can design a logo you’ll love. 

Name Generation

Your company’s name is extraordinarily important – after all, it’s usually what makes a first impression on potential clients or customers. Do you want your name to clearly state what you do, such as Bob’s Carpet Cleaning, or do you want it to be something completely unique and out of the box (think Google)? Our marketing experts can present you with a variety of names that will help define your business for your customers. 


Whether you’re featuring members of your team on social media or showing off your products on your website, high-quality photography is vital for every business. A low-res, blurry, poorly lit photo won’t get people to believe in product or service. In fact, it will likely do the opposite. 

Print Design

From brochures to set in your lobby to menus, posters, and more, we can design a wide variety of printed products. Check out a few of our print projects on our Work page. 

Video Production

Holland Adhaus can produce TV commercials, training videos, social media videos, and more. Our in-house team of videographers can create high-quality video content of any length for a variety of outlets. Check out some of our video content here. 

Holland Adhaus: Your Creative Agency 

There’s no limit to what our creative agency can do. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

Level Up Your
Creative Solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about our services listed above, connect with us today. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you meet your B2B goals.