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Logo Design

Primary Logo

The primary logo is the most widely used logo and should be used whenever possible. The logo is clean, modern, and bold, and the circle represents our full-service capabilites.

Alternate Logo

The alternate logo was created for flexibility to adapt to instances where the space for the logo is very horizontal or needs to take up more horizontal space, for example, on the barrel of a pen. This allows our name to be as large as possible in these locations.

Logo Spacing

Our logo should remain intact and unobstructed in all graphic usage in order to retain its legibility. The logo should always be surrounded by a margin of clear space relative to the height of the letterforms in Holland.

Logo Restrictions

We ask that users and designers take care not to distort the original design in any way. That includes shadows, outlines, rotation, color changes, and more. Here are a few examples of improper logo treatment.

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Logo Design