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Icebox Advertising

“There’s less people visiting a cinema or an airport right now, but there’s obviously a lot of people going to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations.”

This quote comes from Michael Provenzano, the CEO and co-founder of Vistar Media, a programmatic technology company that focuses on out-of-home advertising, featured in AdWeek. Consumer behavior patterns have shifted, and with it, there are other locations that may be more valuable than they once were.

We have 30,000 iceboxes available for advertising nationwide. These are located in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

With 222 million drivers in the United States, and 122,000 convenience stores selling 80% of gas, 44% of drivers go inside these stores to make purchases. Most convenience stores have an icebox right out front.

Types of Iceboxes

Current Icebox Examples

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