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Kyle Mitchell

Manages all client social media pages on the day-to-day. Monitors and responds to comments and reviews, as well as posts daily content.

Kyle Mitchell

Assists in setting up geofencing and retargeting for all clients on a monthly basis.

Kyle Mitchell

Hangs, builds, and otherwise fixes whatever Michelle throws at him that day.

Kyle’s is an essential member of the team due to his dedication and perseverance with everything he does. From overseeing a social campaign to hanging up office décor, Holland could not function without him.

As a local Cincinnatian, he graduated from Anderson High School and earned his BA in Applied Administration from the University of Cincinnati.He has experience working with Paul Frodge and his family at their butcher shop in Cincinnati and is excited to continue his journey working with him from a very different perspective, at Holland. When not doing social media during the day, Kyle finds himself helping out with the digital side of things and maybe even hanging a shelf (or five) that Michelle bought for the office.

With social media being his main role at Holland, he takes pride in all of his channels outside of the office as well. He sees social media as a chance to be creative and have fun at displaying his adventurous lifestyle.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys skiing (when the weather allows it), hiking and kayaking. He plays on three different sand volleyball leagues throughout the week, year-round. Oh, and he loves craft beer! (But who doesn’t?)