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Holland Adhaus
Brand Standards

Written Rules

It is important that our name be written consistently and correctly depending on the application and form of communication. The following best practices address how our name should be written or typed across various forms of communication.

Name: Holland Adhaus

The H in Holland and the A in Adhaus are capitalized in all circumstances of written materials except in our logo or a header that is all caps. Note that Adhaus is one word.

Get to Know Holland Adhaus

In 2020, Holland Advertising rebranded to become Holland Adhaus. The name “Holland Advertising” no longer fit who we are as a company – we do so much more than advertising – but we still wanted to keep the Holland name that has lasted over 85 years. The name “Adhaus” reflects who we have become as a company: creative, vibrant, and not afraid to pave the way for something new. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the late 19th Century which aimed to reunite fine art and functional design, Holland Adhaus works to creatively tell stories to amplify our clients’ bottom lines. Rooted in a practical, problem-solving approach to marketing, we develop solutions with the soul of art.

Tone of Voice

Fresh, intelligent, and a little spunky: that’s who we are, and that’s what should come across in our written communication. We are approachable, engaging, and passionate. While we should never come off as know-it- alls, our knowledge of the industry should be apparent. Our clients should always feel like they are a priority, and it’s our mission to give clients the experience of working with a small company with big company capabilities.









Logo Design

The logo is the cornerstone of the Holland Adhaus brand and a valuable asset to our identity. It is essential to maintain consistency and integrity by following these standards.


Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.

― Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style

Color Palette

Color increases brand recognition by 80%.

― Social Media Today


Our logo is brought to life once it is applied to various communications and products. The same brand standards outlined in this document apply, and this section provides examples of some of those potential uses.

Level Up Your
Brand Standards