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Writing Good Keyword Copy

Megan Fridenmaker

January 14, 2020


Is good keyword copy possible to write without sounding too repetitive? The answer is yes, even though it may seem like it’s difficult to do. With so much bad writing on the internet (not to mention the current trend of valuing subjects other than writing and reading in our school systems), finding good keyword copy seems like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with an eye for detail and enough practice, even the most difficult keywords can blend seamlessly within your paragraphs.

Bad SEO copy can make the potential customer ask whether or not anyone bothered to edit the copy before publishing it on your website. This makes you look unprofessional and could even cause the customer to click away and find another company to fill their needs. Therefore, finding someone who knows how to write good keyword copy could be the difference between new business or no business.


Tips for Writing Keyword Copy People Will Actually Want To Read

Since a large part of my job at Holland Advertising is writing SEO copy, I feel like I have gathered a fair amount of knowledge about good and bad writing practices. Writing good keyword copy that doesn’t sound unendingly repetitive was a difficult hurdle to overcome, but with practice I have become increasingly confident in my writing abilities. Below are my top three concepts I keep in mind when writing for SEO:

Treat each body of copy as the first impression a potential customer has of your business.

The purpose of SEO copy is to rank organically on search engines and get people to click through to your website to learn more about your company and, hopefully, request your services. The copy you write could be the difference between the customer choosing your company or moving on to someone else, so make sure every piece is to the highest possible quality.

Repetitive writing is noticed by everyone.

Good keyword copy does not sound like keyword copy. Let me repeat: good keyword copy does not sound like keyword copy! While there isn’t a rule stating how many times the keyword needs to be repeated per number of words/pages, I try to use it 6-8 times for every 350 words. This tactic keeps me from overusing a simple keyword or underusing a more complicated one. If you repeat it too many times, you verge on annoying the potential customer, and there’s no guarantee that your rankings will improve.

Don’t write for Google, write for your audience.

Keep in mind that Google is not your customer, your customer is a real person with thoughts and feelings. Write in a style that your target audience will connect with and easily understand. Avoid big words and long sentences. Tip: read your piece out loud before sending it off to be edited or published. If it sounds awkward, repetitive, or doesn’t convey the right message, change it.

While there are many more tips and tricks to writing good keyword copy, these tactics have helped me write every SEO piece with relative ease. Hopefully they help give you an idea of what to do/what not to do when writing for SEO. Happy writing!

One more thing: you may have noticed by now, but I’ve written this piece like I would an SEO blog post for one of our clients. My target keyword was “good keyword copy,” which I have used eight times so far (not including the title.) If you need keyword copy or help with SEO, Holland Advertising has in-house experts to get you the results you desire. Contact Paul Frodge at to learn more.

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