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Typography: Design’s Driving Force

Typography is one of the most integral parts of the design process. It can invoke a new feeling, inspire an idea nonverbally, or give context to a movement. It’s the foundation to any project that has an idea to convey. Type can make or break

Are You Wasting Money on Google Ads?

By: Melissa Morrison If you are using Google Ads as one of your marketing strategies, congratulations! Google dominates the search engine market share at an outstanding 87% as of January 2020. Whenever you have a question, need directions or are looking for services or products,

Small Business COVID-19

What Small Businesses Learned from COVID-19

By Eric Stock Many individuals went through several phases of processing the threat of COVID-19 before coming to accept it. Businesses are no different. If you look at a company’s social media or website, you’ll probably see the progression of their reactions. It started with

Marketing Through It

By: Paul Frodge Over the past few weeks, I have had many conversations with clients across a variety of industries. With the current state of the world, each business is handling sales and marketing strategies differently. Some clients are considered essential businesses while others are

How Google Won Super Bowl Sunday

By: Mark Roberts You know the old joke: I’m only here for the funny Super Bowl commercials! You’re bound to hear it somewhere between the pizza boxes and veggie trays every Super Bowl Sunday. As a video production nerd, even I admit to getting more

Writing Good Keyword Copy

By: Megan Fridenmaker Is good keyword copy possible to write without sounding too repetitive? The answer is yes, even though it may seem like it’s difficult to do. With so much bad writing on the internet (not to mention the current trend of valuing subjects